Barbed Wire

For years, barbed wire has been the wire of choice for ranchers because it is extremely economical and can be, in most cases, easily installed in most terrains. This fence isn’t for everyone though – It is typically used for cattle but is adaptable for a number of fencing needs.

It has been around for the long haul, so it is time tested.

Low Barbed Wire Fence - Livestock Fence

Our Barbed Wire Fences

We use high-tensile barb that is class 3 galvanized, so it will last even longer than before.

Barbed wire consists of two wire strands twisted together with either two or four point barbs placed at predetermined distances.

Barbed wire for ranch fencing typically utilizes three to six strands, with five strands being the most common. It is a popular choice for large animals like cattle and is generally used for large scale projects when budget is a consideration. In addition, barbed wire can be added to any wire fence for added security.

3 Strand Barbed Wire – 4’ Tall Fence w/ 15” Spacing Between Each Wire
5 Strand Barbed Wire – 5’ Tall Fence w/ 12” Spacing Between Each Wire