Breeding Pens

No matter how big your breeding operation is, we can build proper deer pens, alleys, gates, and perimeters that accommodate the natural environment and facilitate your handling needs.

The Importance Of Quality

Building durable high-fenced pens that ensure the safety for your breeder bucks, reproducing does, and fawns is the most important aspect of having a successful deer breeding operation. 

The performance of your fence depends on the proper construction you build to support it. 

“Cutting corners here can lead to disaster” 

Careful planning is essential for a successful operation. Design your range, pens, food plots, breeding areas and handling facilities in advance. It is best to incorporate plans for future expansion at this time.

Quail Breeding Pen
Hunting Dog Pens/Breeding Pens

Pen Design

Designing and constructing a well thought out set of breeding pens is crucial to the success of your breeding operation. 

Pens can be effective in all shapes and sizes but only in particular circumstances. 

Will you be darting your deer or working them through a facility? Your business and breeding plans must be taken into account when you are designing your pen layout! 

We take every effort to create deer pens that offer a safe and functional environment for your investments.