Cattle Guards

Why Use Cattle Guards?

Cattle guards are the best solution for safely containing livestock without the use of gates. While gates require that everyone who uses them be responsible enough to make sure they are secured after being closed, a properly installed cattle guard will allow easy access to your ranch while keeping your livestock secure. 

A lot of pastures are in remote areas and need to be accessed by non-ranchers. Land access may be granted to companies for electrical & cell phone towers or even oil wells. Traffic by those that are not familiar with livestock, or maybe just more concerned with convenience than keeping animals contained, don’t always do the best job of keeping gates closed. Leaving them open after they enter a pasture because ‘there’s no cattle around’, only leads to animals getting out. With a cattle guard, there’s no more searching and rounding up escaped animals because someone left a gate open!

And cattle guards come in varying widths, depending on the width of the road and the vehicles that will need to drive across it.

When you purchase a high quality cattle guard, you are investing in a unit that will need minimal maintenance and fulfill its purpose for decades.

Consider All Of Your Livestock Before Making Your Purchasing Decisions

We do not recommend using cattle guards for horses. A horse has smaller hooves and legs than a cow and can easily get caught in the cattle guard. A horse is in danger of breaking an ankle or leg if it tries to cross a cattle guard. If you have horses, it’s best to use a gate. The inconvenience of operating a gate is well worth offsetting the risk of injury to your horse. 

Cattle guards are not effective for keeping sheep and goats in, or keeping wild hogs out. Hogs are surprisingly smart. They will find a way onto your property by carefully walking across the cattle guard channels.

Cattle guards are also useless to keep dogs in. They will walk right across a cattle guard without hesitation.