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Adams Fence & Ranch Services has extensive experience and in-house resources to achieve your goals for your property. With both the equipment, and decades of experience in manufacturing and installation of the widest range of metal fence and land management solutions, we bring levels of expertise at a competitive price that sets the industry standard for excellence.

We are based out of the beautiful Hunt, Texas but serve all of the Hill Country and surrounding areas. Just give us a call and let’s start planning your next fence or ranch project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a survey?

Failure to Get Property Lines Marked – Another costly fencing mistake is failing to have property lines determined to ensure the fence is installed on the right property. This is a commonly made mistake, and one that can end up requiring a homeowner to move their fence, which can be an expensive effort. Although not everyone will have a neighbor that gets upset over a few inches, legal issues can arise should a fence be installed on the wrong side of a property line. Before any fence company begins an installation, homeowners should have their property surveyed to determine property boundaries.

Why is there a cost difference in our type of fence?

A fence is only as strong as its posts, making posts the most important part of any fence. They’re also the most expensive part – One of the most common fence mistakes of all is not setting fence posts securely enough, a problem that eventually compromises the strength of the entire fence. Depending on the type and weight of some fences, along with setting the posts in concrete,  it is the depth and diameter of the hole that is necessary prevent sagging of the fence or the corner posts to pull during stretching the wire. Because this step can make fencing more costly, many people bypass it, but later end up with a fence that leans, and must be pulled out so the posts can be reinstalled correctly.

What About Underground Utilities?

An essential safety concern is knowing where underground utilities such as plumbing, gas, and electricity are located. This requires a call to local utilities to have them determine where these lines are buried, and then carefully avoiding them when installing the fence. One wrong move when digging a post hole could cause big problems, turning an average installation project into a serious safety concern.

Before installing a fence, call 811 to have utility companies mark any underground utility lines; or contact local utility companies directly. Also be sure to check local zoning, building and neighborhood codes

What About Planning The Fence?

Fencing is a costly investment. The location and arrangement may affect production efficiency, so it makes good sense to plan before you build. This is true whether you are installing a fence around a pasture for the first time, or replacing an old, worn-out fence. Evaluate existing fences. If they are in good shape, you may want to plan new fences around them. If they are old and falling down, it may be cheaper in the long run to replace them.