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“The fence that was built to last.”

Exotics High Fence & Entrance

When It Comes To Fences, We Know What It Takes – Strength And Durability

We are known for designing and building some of the Texas Hill Country’s strongest and most durable fences.

Fences are critical to protect your family, livelihood, investments and your land.

Our number one goal on each project is to understand and accommodate the needs of the land owners.

We handle all phases of your project, from design, to site prep, to construction and installation of your fences including water gaps, fabrication and installation of custom gates and entrances with installation and service on automatic gate openers.


With More Than 25 Years Of Service…

Custom Ornamental Metal Railing

We have the best knowledge and familiarity of the Hill Country terrain and the type of fence it requires. We build our fences with the highest quality, longevity and durability to handle the needs of whatever needs to be kept in OR out. And we understand that the fence we install for you will say more about our reputation than anything else.

It’s for this reason Adams Fence & Ranch Services only provides the very best and strongest materials available with superior worksmanship to match in each and every job


  • High Fence – Corner Posts – 8 ⅝” Pipe drilled 8 – 10’ deep with a 16” Bit 
  • Low Fence – Corner Posts – 6 ⅝” Pipe drilled 6 – 8’ deep with a 12” Bit 
  • Line Posts – 2 ⅞” Pipe drilled 3 – 4’ deep with a 9” Bit – On 105’ centers
  • T-Posts – Every 15’ in between Line Posts
  • Every Corner & Line Posts are set in Concrete that is mixed by hand – 
  • Every Corner & Line Posts is Cement Capped and Painted


    Maximum Strength & Support for Your Fence

    Each post is set with a mixture of quick dry bagged concrete, sand and gravel / aggregate that is pre-mixed by hand before being placed in each and every corner and line post hole.

    Estimated 6-7” thickness of concrete on corner post holes and estimated 6” thickness in line post holes from wall of hole to pipe – thickness and depth of the concrete reduces stress and cracking which those factors increase the strength and integrity of your fence.

    So, Which Fence Is Right For You?

    At Adams Fence & Ranch Services, we know every ranch and land owner has different needs. We will work closely with you on the design, purpose, and the construction of the fence to make sure it meets your needs exactly.

    Everything starts with a plan – fences need careful planning and construction for the maximum effectiveness. Select a fence that is easy to maintain, durable and most importantly keeps your investments protected.

    Cattle Pens
    Cedar Picket Fence

    Purpose Of The Fence

    Several decisions must be made when deciding which fence option is best for you:


    Is it going to be a boundary fence or a cross-fence to divide a pasture? Is the fence for sheep, cattle, horses or a boundary fence?  Deer and exotic game are some of the other main reasons for fencing, but the fencing needs for various types (species, age, breed, production system) vary widely.

    Selecting The Proper Fence

    There are many types of fences to meet various fencing needs. Since fencing usually represents a rather large investment, it is especially important to assess all factors, such as budget, highest quality, durability, longevity and maximum effectiveness when determining the type of fence.

    When choosing a fence for your property, there are several options to choose from. Below are the different types of fences and informational highlights for you to make the best decision for your property.

    2 Rail Cedar Fence
    Pipe Rail Low Fence

    Choosing the right type fence for your project can be difficult. Please use our guides to select the correct style of fence and material to help you decide. If you’re not sure which fence would best suit your property, with our years of experience we’ll help you weigh your options, consult with you on what is the best option for you and your property, calculate costs, and give you an honest estimate.