Livestock Pens & Metal Barns

The Purpose

Cattle working and handling pens are an essential part of an efficient cattle operation for any rancher who wants to improve marketing, cattle health, and production. 

A well-planned handling facility can help you save money by making easier practices such as preventive health management, pregnancy testing, implanting, controlling parasites, vaccinating, castrating, and dehorning.

Working facilities and handling equipment are needed for a successful cattle operation. 

Essential parts of the working facilities include: 

cattle pens

crowding pen

working alley

squeeze chute & head gate

loading chute

The primary purposes of cattle working facilities and equipment are to provide a fast and efficient way to handle and work cattle and provide safe working conditions to perform necessary management practices.  

Vaccination of the herd to loading cattle into trailers or trucks is easier with a good set of cattle working facilities.

Cattle Working Pens


Corral and Working Facilities are only as good as the planning prior to construction.


Utilize a working chute, crowding area, loading chute, and holding pens to closely observe cattle and perform routine health and management functions.


Consider drainage, prevailing winds, nearby all-weather roads, and utilities- electricity and water. A corral is often built to meet current needs, but it should also provide for easy expansion.


Usually constructed from steel pipe welded together, four and five rail fences, while more costly than three rail fences, provide more security. Top rails can enhance aesthetics and adding wire fence panels can add to the durability and security of the fence.

Metal Barns & Buildings

Construction of Metal Barn
Metal Barn/Building
Construction of Metal Barn Frame