Ornamental Metal Fences & Railing

An ornamental metal fence adds elegance to your property, is virtually maintenance free, and provides durability with endless design possibilities.

Metal offers strength, protection and the visibility you desire. Whether you are looking for a contemporary feel or a traditional style, we will work with you to create exactly what you want.

An ornamental fence, with the right combination of height, picket spacing, style, and material components, can provide the look and protection you need.

Ornamental Metal Railing

Choosing The Right Ornamental Fence

Choosing an ornamental fence may not be easy because you should take many things like materials, designs, sizes and price into consideration. It’s not like choosing paint for your home, which you can change – Purchasing the right ornamental fence is a decision that will last for many more years.

Painting or powder coating is available for an extra-long life and to keep from rusting. Although wrought iron fence is more expensive than others, it comes with outstanding strength, rigidity as well incomparable looks.

For a fence that gives you strength, style and security, choose a custom steel fence, hand-built in our shop.