Water Gaps

When constructing a fence on your property, ensuring water flow while maintaining an effective barrier, is an essential element. We custom design each water gap to the terrain of the property for proper water flow as well as being as maintenance free as possible.

Water gaps can be addressed in a number of ways according to their size and severity.

Large Water Gaps

For large water gaps, where water may rush violently through the fence, swinging panels are custom fabricated and installed the width of the gap with the strength of the large posts and kickers to divert the debris to “break open” the panels with the flow of the water.

Small Water Gaps

For small water gaps, 2 7/8” steel pipe are installed in concrete footings the width of the gap, and heavy gauge cattle panels are hung off of a steel cable that is strung along the top of the pipe for a flexible fence that will stand up and “swing-up” with the flow of water allowing the water and debris to flow through instead tear through.

For the smaller water gaps, which will not face extensive water force (such as used in a small ditch), they can be effectively created by cattle panel cut to fit the landscape contours and secured with “T-posts” or pipe.

Water gaps are the most vulnerable components of any fence; they are also the most variable.

High Flow Water Gaps

Constructed with panel swing gates to allow for the flow of water.

Low Flow Water Gaps

Constructed with steel cable – ¾” and welded cattle panels.